Throughout the UK event organisers look to make their event better than anyone elses. There are many ways that they try to achieve this such as live acts, celebrity appearances and serving fine drinks such as cocktails. When organisers decide that they would like to serve cocktails, they should always be accompanied by a cocktail flairer! Cocktail flairers can serve drinks to your guests as well putting on a show for them at the same time! They will be the main attraction at the bar throughout the night and any events organiser would not be dissapointed.

Our Cocktail Flairer’s are second to none. We have the perfect cocktail staff for your event.

As well as making great drinks with a tremendous amount of passion and expertise, our cocktail staff are also great entertainers for events nationwide.

Although our cocktail flairers are a little more expensive than our normal cocktail staff, they are worth every penny. From the most complex of cocktails through to some of the more basic, providing our cocktail staff have the correct drinks and ingredients, making cocktails and putting on a great show is NEVER a problem !

For information on cocktail staff hire, please contact our team who shall be more than happy to assist you with your event.