Our hospitality staff can be contacted through this web site. Our team comprises of our events manager and then section managers for the appropriate number of sections etc ie. Bar manager, catering manager etc. For large events we have several manager who each specialise in their own fields.

If you are planning your own event, you may well have everything in hand. Having the catering, drinks and entertainment delt with is great but don’t forget its no good if you have all of this money spent on these items and then have the wrong people to serve them up. We always say that it’s the presentation of the food, drinks or the item which people notice first. Our hospitality staff have been working within the industry for many years and have endless experience regarding customer service.

Hospitality staff can be waiters for food or drinks waiters for the reception drinks and the bar etc. If its specialist staff which you require, please do contact us with your request. We are confident that we have the right people for your event. For further information on Hospitality Staff Hire or Bar Staff Hire, please contact a member of our customer services team.

To contact a member of our team at, simply click here to have an answer to your question.

Don’t forget, this web site is full of useful information to assist with the planning and running of your event nartionwide.

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