pop up shop counter


The government has tried to revitalise the high street by urging companies and online retailers to set up pop up shops. The housing minister Mark Prisk is the man trying to drive the campaign and believes that this is the only way the high street can thrive once more. Pop up shops can take many forms from small stalls in the middle of a shopping centre to stalls on the high street itself to empty shops being occupied for a temporary amount of time. Pop up shops can often become permanent if they have a stable set up, thats why we here at bar counters are pleased to offer our pop up shop counters.

Being an industry leader in the bar counters market; we have a large selection of counters that can be used as a service counter for pop up shops throughout the UK. Bar Counters understands that pop up shop owners have not got huge budgets and so offer our counters at industry leading prices. We have eye catching LED counters that will brighten up the shoppers day and really draw them in to the pop up shop. Also available is our branded counter service; this means that each panel of the counter has your companies name or logo on to help promote the business and the products that the business sells. We have plain counters for a more conventional style of serving counter for you and your customers.

Our bar counters can come in different sizes, with most coming in one meter sections so you can determine the size of your counter depending on the size of the location of the pop up shop. We want you to use our bar counters with the minimum of hassle to you our customers. So we will deliver the counters, set them up and later dismantle them when they are no longer needed for reasons such as the shop has become permanent and a permanent fixture is needed or the pop up shop is being packed up and moved on.

For more information on our pop up shop counter hire, please contact a member of our sales team.