Bar Build

It’s our job here at Bar Counter Hire to make your dream a reality, which is why we take ultimate care and precision when putting your bar counter together. With our company having decades of expertise within the industry, we know exactly how to design and build your bar the way that you want. Our bar counters come in metre sections meaning that it is easy to add up to your desired length for your event. Whether it be a 10m basic bar for a corporate product launch, 4m corner bar for a reception counter or a 6m circular LED bar with branding for your wedding – we’ve got you covered. Within the build process, we love to ensure that you are kept updated regularly on how your bar counter is coming along including photos of your bar in the works. Here at Bar Counter Hire, we really look into every last detail as we know how important it is to you. With the expertise of our team, there’s no reason to stress about the build process of your bar counter.